Black Pottery

Black Pottery

Traditionally known as Longpi Ham. Longpi pottery finds its origin from the Thangkul Naga tribes of the Ukhrul district of Manipur,India. Longpi pottery is of royal descent as its products could only be owned and used by the noble families of Manipur.They were used mostly to cook special recipes of meat on occasions like marriages or other festivites. A major ingredient of this black ware pottery is hard serpentine rock which is mixed with a few other ingredients including clay to mould into pots, traditionally used for cooking. The artisans use basic bamboo implements and moulds made of wood and stone to obtain different shapes. All the pottery is moulded by hand, no potters wheels is used This pottery can be used directly on fire, It is microwave safe. The entire process of making a coffee mug from the clay mould to firing and till the final product takes atleast 3 days !! This particular mixture of clay & serpentinite rock is native to only one village Longpi situated in Ukhrul district, Manipur, India.

Some of the images of our products are here.

bp7 bp5 bp2 bp1


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