Ants Cafe’s

The Ants Cafe’s : Indiranagar, Whitefield



Savour and learn at fun food festivals

The Ants Cafe hosts food festivals featuring great food from the northeast and good times from all over.

As its mission, the Ants Crafts Trust, through the Cafe, intends to educate and showcase the rich north-eastern culture by hosting food festivals that are north-east tribe specific. Authentic ingredients and north-eastern food experts who can put it all together are flown in to delight the taste buds of food aficionados from the world over.

For details on the next fun, food and learning-oriented festival please keep an eye on our Events section.

Private parties, club meetings, and corporate conclaves…

…are just some of the things you can host at the Cafe on request. The food, the comfortable seating, the lovely ambiance is at your disposal to host a cosy gathering of friends, colleagues, or just like-minded people!

Check about us more here:



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