Cotton Fabric by Aagor

Woven by Aagor, in Bongaigaon, Assam. This fabric is woven by the Bodo Tribal women.

Technique used: Extra Warp Method for figuring

Cotton Fabric by different suppliers.

Value Add techniques:  Block Printing, Screen Printing, Dyeing

Eri Silk

Eri,also called Endi is an Ahimsa silk without violence.Unlike other silks eri does not involve boiling or killing of the worm.For centuries,women of the Bodo tribe have spun and woven eri to wrap themselves.The Ants has designed for you, a special range of Eri silks in natural and earthy shades.Eri silk is a three in one fabric, it has the warmth of wool, texture of cotton and the nature of silk.

Value Add techniques :  Dyeing, Woven Textures.


Cashmere refers to a type of fine wool and the textiles made from it was first developed in India. The wool comes from changthangi or Pashmina goat, which is a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas in Nepal, Pakistan and Northern India. Cashmere shawls are hand spun and hand woven textiles made from fine cashmere fibre.

Value Add techniques:  Dyeing, Woven Textures.

Wool Micron

Wool Micron is a combination of blends of wool and silk. The fabric is extremely soft and fine to the touch.

Value Add techniques:  Dyeing, Woven Textures.


Silk Modal

A blend of Silk and Viscose is used to make these fabrics. The fabrics are very light and soft to touch

Value Add techniques:  Dyeing, Woven Textures.

Pure wool

These fabrics are 100% woollen blends. Extremely soft to touch and warm .

Value Add techniques:  Dyeing, Woven Textures.

Tabby Silk

A light weight Mulberry silk used for stoles and scarves. Usually of 20gm weight, very light and ideal for summer wear.

Value Add techniques:  Dyeing, Block Printing, Screen Printing, Dry brush technique, Batik

 Habutai Silk

Plain weave Mulberry silk of a slightly heavier weight, usually 40gms.

Value Add techniques:  Dyeing, Shibori, Block Printing, Screen Printing, Dry brush technique, Batik



In weaving we use different types of warp structures and weave structures to create interesting textures and colour combinations. The figuring for the bodo tribe is done using Extra Warp Method.

Screen Printing

The screens are designed and printed in Bangalore. It is Hand screen Printing.

Azo free dyes are used for printing.

Block Printing

Block Printing is done using azo free dyes. Specific designed blocks can be developed and printed


In dyeing we have used various techniques like Dip dyeing, Tie and dye, Ombre, clamps..etc to create interesting textures and surface designs


Shibori is a Japanese technique of resist dyeing. We have used clamps to create interesting effects and textures.

Dry brush stroke

The fabric is stretched and brushed with a combination of colours manually to create an interesting combination and ombre of colours.


Wax resist is used to create interesting patterns and designs on the fabrics.


Different types of stitch styles are employed along with pintucks, patchwork..etc with finishing techniques like Tassles, to create interesting surface designs and embellishments.

Eri_silk._BrownLight_brown_checks_grande st1 st2 st3


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